Xiguan Street office empty nest elderly people to help the unemployed when the nanny

North Street Office of the provincial capital of the North meteorological Lane community home care and employment priority organic combination, priority placement laid-off, unemployed 62.

June 10th, the reporter in the West Main Street, 18, saw the empty nest elderly Yan branch. The old man more than and 70 years old, left leg after stroke left sequela. Her wife more than and 80 years old, the body is not bad, usually in the home on the old two. 3 months ago, Shi Xiuling, director of the meteorological community neighborhood committees for them to introduce the nanny Shen lotus. Shen Lian is also the area residents, no children, no work, only one hundred yuan per month guaranteeing payment of life. In the community workers pull the line, Shen Lian became a strict home nanny.

every morning, Shen lotus to Yan branch home to do breakfast, accompany Yan branch out for a walk, two people walk chat, a few days became friends. At noon, Shen lotus is responsible for lunch, the physical condition allows, Yan also into the kitchen, and Shen lotus cooking together. Shen lotus is Qinghai, Qinghai is very good home cooking. Yan branch of the old two is the northeast, they teach lotus to do home cooking from time to time.

it is understood that, like Shen Lian, the introduction of the community to the empty nest elderly unemployed really. On the one hand to solve the problem of empty nest elderly and elderly living alone, on the other hand, so that the area of age, culture level is not high, the lack of skills of laid-off workers to re embark on the job.