Tim Bosma day 19

The original location of a bullet casing found on the floor of Tim Bosma’s truck became a contentious issue in front of a Hamilton jury on Thursday. Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are on trial for the first degree murder of the 32 year old Hamilton man, who went missing in May of 2013 after taking two men to test drive his Dodge Ram pickup truck.Tim Bosma’s truck was found inside a trailer at Dellen Millard’s mother’s house and once in police possession, both truck and trailer were scoured for evidence like gunshot residue, fingerprints and blood.Inside the trailer were four tarps one was cut in half and had blood stains.There were also some front seats that had been burned down to charred metal, a piece of corn husk was lodged in the pieces.Earlier, the jury heard that on Dellen Millard’s farm, in a corn field, police found two burn circles, and in the debris bits of metal including grommets, like you’d find on a tarp.Police also found a bullet casing on the floor of the cab of the truck, the front seats were gone, and the back seats were flipped up, in the non-use position. but the casing wasn’t there the first time police looked inside.Defence lawyers for Millard and Smich then took turns questioning what could have happened to put the bullet where it was found. Smich’s lawyer suggested it could have rolled back from the front. Millard’s lawyer suggested there was a hump in the floor that would have prevented it from rolling from the front.Court also heard the first of testimony from a blood spatter expert, there was blood all over the Bosma truck and under it. The expert testified that it looked as if the source of the blood was sitting in the passenger seat and that the truck had then been cleaned with a power washer before driving away, there was no blood on any tires except the rear passenger side tire.