Behind the scenes of Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre

Lifeguard staff are on clean-up duty during the annual pool shutdown.For three weeks every summer, the water is drained from the Olympic-size pool inside the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre for cleaning and maintenance.But what most pool users from Brock and the community may not see is the Hurculean effort it takes to get all of the work done and the pool refilled before students start their fall classes. Led by Pool Operations Supervisor Nathan Murray, the pool’s team of lifeguards do the majority of the cleaning and maintenance work during the annual shutdown.Below are a few photos of what the Brock pool looks like when the water is gone and the work is underway.The shallow end is on hydraulic lifts allowing the depth to be changed.The moveable bulkhead also has to be cleaned.The deep end of the pool is four metres deep.Because of the four-metre drop to the bottom of the deep end, safety fencing is required when the pool is empty.Brock’s lifeguard staff serve as the clean-up crew during the annual pool shutdown.The annual pool shutdown allows time for cleaning and maintenance.The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre shuts down for three weeks each summer to allow time for cleaning and maintenance work on the Olympic-size pool.