Zhuang compound mess phenomenon was cleared

recently, City Office of the atmosphere found on to check Ning mutual Road double million coal yard and the construction site in the village courtyard, in the courtyard of a village unattended idle bare land stockpiling a large number of construction waste and garbage, dirty, chaotic and poor environment.
in accordance with the requirements of city leaders, recently, east district government to act quickly, closely deployment, active coordination, organization construction, urban management, environmental protection departments, dispatched 2 loaders, 1 excavators, with a time of 3 days, there will be more than 300 cubic meters of buildings and refuse to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the site were flat investment of 100 thousand yuan; the purchase of dense mesh on the bare land were full coverage, covering an area of 16840 square meters, and the coordination of the Qinghai Tibet railway company arrange for 24 hours in the bare land site stationed to prevent idle vehicles muck and garbage dumping of construction.