Xining to strengthen the development of the province’s leading demonstration of the power of Xining

April 26th, vice governor Zhang Jianmin to Xining Central Plaza North expansion project, DOPA metro, Beichuan river area and other key projects on-site investigation, a detailed understanding of the urban planning and construction in Xining. He stressed that to enter the new stage of development, as the center of the provincial capital city, Xining, to further enhance the development of the province’s lead demonstration power.

research, Zhang Jianmin fully affirmed Xining in recent years, a lot of work in planning and construction. He pointed out that the Xining city planning system basically established, the construction of key projects to promote quickly, new construction included in the regulation, the pace of the accelerated transformation of the old city, the Xining municipal government in the planning and construction management requirements and ideas, levels and a higher starting point, the development of concept update.

for the future of urban development in Xining, Zhang Jianmin stressed the need to focus on seven aspects of work: first, to take the lead in development, and strive to make a new level of planning and construction, to enhance the province’s leading role in radiation. Two provinces and municipalities to improve the planning and coordination mechanisms, more communication and more consultation, and jointly safeguard the authority of urban planning. Three to start from the construction of livable city planning and construction of new urban areas, improve urban functions, gather new district popularity, establish a new image of the city. Four to strictly follow the planning and transformation of the old city, adhere to the first planning, after the transformation, do a good job of cultural facilities protection, combined with the construction of the New District, play a role in the transformation of ease, improve the quality of the old city construction. Fifth, pay more attention to the city design, earnestly design of major projects, the main street, the main area, the establishment of the system of security system, strengthen the seriousness of planning execution. Six to strengthen the management of the city’s ideological awareness, focus on learning from the advanced experience of foreign countries, and actively introduce large brands to participate in urban management. Seven should be based on long-term, seriously study and solve urban traffic problems, pay close attention to the layout of urban traffic network layout. (author: Zhang Lifeng)