Samsung develops ultrasonic phone case which detects everything around it

first_imgWHILE THE BUILDUP to the Galaxy S5′s release next month gathers pace, Samsung is giving one of its lower-powered phones some attention with the release of some new add-ons.The company has released three assistive technology accessories for its Galaxy Core Advanced phone, designed to help visually impaired users get more out of their device.The first is a ultrasonic cover which allows users to detect objects and navigate unfamiliar locations by sending an alert through vibrations or audio cues.Samsung says the slip-on cover can detect people or obstacles up to two metres away, whenever the user holds the phone in front of them.The other two features include the Optical Scan Stand, which is used to detect and scan text from an image so it can read it aloud while the Voice label lets users record notes and descriptions on how to use various devices around the home.While these accessories are only available for the Galaxy Core Advance, one of Samsung’s lower range smartphones, it says it plans to expand accessibility of other Galaxy devices in the future.Read: Google’s latest project is a smartphone that maps everything around it >Read: Irish scientists etch the tiniest shamrock you will ever see* >last_img