Xining Municipal Committee Team held a special democratic life study and practice activities

June 3rd morning, the Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development thematic democratic life. Wang Jianjun stressed that the leadership of democratic life will be a key part of the study and practice activities. To highlight the problems through in-depth personal search and group existence, profound analysis, clear direction, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, the Standing Committee to further strengthen self construction, and constantly improve the level of administration and leadership.

democratic life meeting, the Minister of the Organization Department of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee, deputy director of learning leader practice leading group and office Li Jinqing first informed of the preliminary work and the topic of democratic life to solicit opinions and suggestions; thought, combined with the Municipal Committee work around the "practice, continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate the development of science, the construction of Xining as the theme of a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable Tibetan Plateau regional modernization central city", highlight the check analysis of the problem, clarify the scientific development of the key, speak freely.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the democratic life will be summed up with five characteristics: first, fully prepared. Two theme is bright. The three is deeply revealing. Four is combined with the actual. Five is to carry forward democracy. From the solicited opinions and the Standing Committee of the speech, we can clearly recognize that whether our class of people, or every member in the ability and level of scientific development and the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, and the capital city of the status, and we assume responsibility, and the masses all the expectations of the cadres at all levels in the city, there are many gaps in the next step, we want to study, investigate and rectification, to constantly discover and study and solve problems.

around the Municipal Standing Committee team building, Wang Jianjun put forward six requirements: first, to further study, improve awareness. The depth of learning determines the height of cognition. Relaxed learning is easy to fall behind, do not pay attention to learning when bad leadership. Only enhance learning, to make our knowledge is more comprehensive, more open vision, vision is more subtle; only adhere to the study, in order to make our thinking more clearly, more pragmatic style of work, more calm. Two to further emancipate the mind, continue to boost confidence in the development of Xining. The most liberating ideas guide the most forward looking practice, the most firm confidence to create the most vivid situation. At present, the development of Xining is at a new historical starting point, facing a rare historical opportunity, but also facing the severe challenges brought by the financial crisis. We should be based on the actual situation, emancipate the mind, look, look at the overall situation, respect for the law, respect science, respect for practice, innovative ideas, innovative method, innovation mechanism, lay a solid foundation and practical quick grasp the current scientific reason, seek long-term, gradual increase stamina, with a more open, more open, more pragmatic the spirit of Xining to promote the work to achieve new development. Three to further pragmatic, change style. Accelerate the development of Xining, the cadres are the determining factors, cadres pragmatic, development only hope. We should take the lead to do gas, dare to struggle for democracy, in order to work;