9 pointless things absolutely everyone does

first_imgActually a great idea. (Flickr/Vagabond Shutterbug)8. Open thisThen stare into it.Then close it again. Flickr/notfrancois9. The ‘scribble’ actionWhen asking for the bill.Bill photo via ShutterstockSee also: Making your thumb and forefinger into a little receiver to tell someone who can hear you perfectly well that there is someone on the phone for them.What have we missed? Let us know in the comments…9 places in Ireland you need to visit as soon as possible> Phone photo via Shutterstock5. HONK HOOOOOONKFlickr/phil wood photoIt’s 8.30am and you’ve moved four inches along the Naas Road in the last 20 minutes. But perhaps the magical horn will make the traffic in front evaporate? It’s worth a go.6. Make conversation-appropriate faces while on the phoneTumblrBecause they might be able to see you.7. Turning the house upside down looking for the remote controlWalking to the TV and changing the channel would be ridiculous. Flickr/James E. Petts3. How’s it going? How’s it going? Flickr/Sean McGrathSnoozing doesn’t make you more rested. It may even make you feel worse. BUT THE LURE OF THE BUTTON CANNOT BE RESISTED.2. Press THIS buttonEven though you’ve just seen someone else do it. What if they haven’t done it right? Hug photo via ShutterstockYOU: How’s it going?THEM: Heyy! How’s it going?YOU: So, how’s it going?THEM: Good! How are you?… etc, forever.4. Check your phone for no reasonYour phone hasn’t gone off, and it isn’t on silent. But what if there’s been some kind of malfunction? What if there’s an important message? What if we’re needed at the UN? 1. Press this dastardly buttonlast_img