3D Printers Could Be Used To Create Custom Organs

first_img3D printers can be used to create all sorts of consumer goods, but the future they could also be used to create artificial organs for transplants.Researchers at the Wake Forest University Institute for Regenerative Medicine say that the printers could be used to create custom organs designed specifically for your body. And if that sounds like science fiction, they’ve actually already created hearts the size of a quarter that began to beat several hours after being printed.“Instead of using ink in the inkjet cartridge, we use cells,” Dr. Anthony Atala told the CBC. “All the cells in your body are already pre-programmed. There’s a genetic code within all your cells that drives them to do what they are supposed to do if you place them in the right environment.”In addition to the tiny hearts, researchers have also managed to create full sized versions of less complex organs, like bladders.last_img