The veil is lifted on the Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS laptop

first_imgWith a presence in so many markets, Samsung has its hands full with trying to stay ahead of the game across its product lines. From phones and cameras to laptops and televisions, Samsung is an incredibly multifarious company. At IFA 2011, Samsung’s powerful new laptop, the Series 7 CHRONOS, rose to the top of everything the company announced at the trade show.One of the major features of the Series 7 CHRONOS is speed. An Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor and 8GB of additional flash memory, thanks to Express Cache technology, give this laptop incredible performance. Named for the Greek god of time, the CHRONOS notebook does its best to cut down on time across the board. It boasts a startup time of 19 seconds and 30% faster web browsing.While the Series 7 CHRONOS cuts down time, it also extends it in necessary areas.  Battery life is a purported 8 hours on a single charge. With Samsung’s Battery Life Plus technology, 80% of the battery’s original capacity will be maintained for up to 1,500 charge cycles.The laptop keeps a slim profile. With a reduced bezel, however, Samsung can fit 15 inch display inside a 14 inch profile. Similarly, a 15.6 inch display fits inside a 15 inch profile. The display is an incredibly vibrant one with SuperBright 300nit brightness, 16 million colors, an anti-reflective screen, and a 1600 x 900 HD+ LCD. The AMD Radeon HD6750M graphics card greatly enhances the viewing experience and matches the Core i7 in terms of performance, especially where games are concerned.It’s hard to find fault with the Series 7 CHRONOS looking at the specs. It packs a lot of power into a small profile. It’s an attractive option for those who don’t want a Mac. The base price will be $999 which goes up to $1,149 with options. The release date is set as October 2, 2011.More at SlashGear and TechConnectlast_img