Google Drive rumored for April release

first_imgIt may seem like we’ve all been down this road before, and we have. Google Drive, the search giant’s online cloud storage solution, is again rumored to be on the verge of launching as soon as next week. The service would be Google’s answer to cloud storage upstarts like Dropbox and, but would tie in with the existing ecosystem of Google services.The first time a true online storage solution from Google churned through the rumor mill was back in the dark ages of 2006. An internal Google tool code named Platypus was being fleshed out for a public release at the time. Without warning, the project was ended in 2008. According to the 2011 book In the Plex, Google killed Google Drive because it felt the idea of managing files was outdated. The success of Dropbox seems to indicate users are still happy with the file system paradigm.The newest report from GigaOm indicates Google is planning to offer 1GB of storage space for free, with larger plans available for a fee. This is odd considering Dropbox offers 2GB free of charge, and provides multiple ways for users to get more bytes for free. There will supposedly be a local client for GDrive, as well as a web interface that looks very much like Google Docs. No word on a mobile app, but Google will reportedly have an API available at launch. This means third-party apps will be possible on mobile devices, as well as desktops.Google already offers cloud storage of sorts for photos in Google+, documents in Docs, music in Google Play Music, and video in YouTube. Perhaps when you take those files out of the equation, 1GB of synced storage is enough for most people that are already in the Google ecosystem. Still, maybe it’s going to be one big April Fools joke that’s been six years in the making.via GigaOmlast_img