HTCbuilt Facebook phone rumored again arriving mid2013

first_imgWhen it comes to smartphone rumors, the next iPhone is always king of the mountain. But that nebulous Facebook phone pops up pretty frequently, too, and it’s surfaced again thanks to a new report from Bloomberg.According to its sources, Facebook is definitely brining a phone to market and it’s going to arrive by the middle of next year. As pegged by previous rumors, HTC will be responsible for building the Facebook phone.The launch date was reportedly pushed back to allow HTC time to finish brining other devices to market — which would likely include a Windows Phone 8 device in time for its fall arrival. Facebook originally planned to have the phone available this year.As usual, the details provided by Bloomberg’s sources are scant. Beyond the fact that the phone is a go and that HTC is involved, there’s not much to go on. It’s mentioned that a “modified OS” will be used — which almost certainly means a Facebooked version of Android, similar to what Amazon put together for the Kindle Fire.According to analyst Victor Anthony, the first-party phone would allow Facebook to “put a lot of ads onto the platform.” That’s all well and good, but advertisers like GM are struggling to reap the benefits of Facebook advertising right now. Unless Facebook can prove that marketing dollars are well-spent on its platform, the lure of yet another mobile advertising venue might be very limited.What’s probably more important to Facebook is making sure that it’s the default social network on some hot hardware, since mobile use is exploding. Google+ gets the nod on Android, of course, and Twitter snagged the first social integration spot on iOS. It’s crucial, then, for Facebook to position itself front-and-center on someone’s hardware.But whether that means Facebook will gamble on a first-party phone or lobbying friends like Microsoft and HTC for deeper integration on products is still up in the air. This could turn out to be another Cha Cha or Salsa, after all.More at Bloomberglast_img