Epcots Spaceship Earth turned into huge animated Monsters Inc characters

first_imgIf you’ve only been to Disney as a kid a long time ago and thought all of the technology was magical, think about how Disney must have advanced with the times now that it’s 2013 and we’re all carrying around little internet-connected computers in our pockets that we can control via yelling at them. Epcot was always the Disney park that had the actual theme of technology, as opposed to, for instance, the Magic Kingdom, which has the theme of fantasy but employs impressive technology to make it work. However, a recent promotion in Epcot that is actually not too technologically advanced is perhaps the coolest thing we’ve seen the park do in a while. Spaceship Earth, otherwise known as that ride that looks like a huge golf ball, was turned into animated characters from Monsters, Inc. using a simple projector.The projection was a promotion for the upcoming release of the next Monsters, Inc. movie, Monsters University, as well as Disney’s Monstrous Summer, which features a few of its parks being opened for 24 hours straight. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, and Disney’s California Adventure park will be opened for a full 24 hours on May 24 (coincidence?!) of this year.In prime Disney interactive fashion, the announcement featured Disney World president George Kalogridis announcing Monsters Inc.’s  Mike Wazowski as a special guest, but Mike experienced some kind of power failure and had to improvise by appearing on the 180-foot-tall Spaceship Earth.Amusingly, before the Mike appearance took place, a park attendee noticed some projectors being set up on a park Monorail and seemed to be pointing toward Spaceship Earth. An astute fan guessed it’d be for the Monsters, Inc. event, and even guessed that Mike Wazowski would be making an appearance on Spaceship Earth.The next chapter in the Monsters, Inc. saga will debut in theaters on June 21 of this year, but you can go spend an entire day and night in Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, or the California Adventure if you so wish a month before that in order to prepare for the release. As someone who grew up in Florida near Disney World and has attended more than one of the parks’ 24-hour events, my advice is to make sure you know where all the bathrooms are in areas with minimal foot traffic.last_img