Acer made a connected webcam for cats

first_imgIf the Internet wasn’t made for porn (which is hard to argue against), then it almost certainly was made for sharing cat pics and videos… which explains Acer’s newest webcam.Gaze with wonder upon the Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera! It’s Acer’s take on 21st century remote pet entertainment, and it’s so much more than just a nannycam for your cat (or dog, Acer’s not opposed to letting them in on the fun).The Pawbo+ is interactive in a couple ways. It’s got a built-in mic and speaker so that you can banter with your pets, but (more importantly) it has a laser pointer that you can remotely control to get them all crazy-like. There’s even an integrated treat dispenser so you can tip your feline or canine pal like you would a Twitch broadcaster, but with kibble instead of currency.Acer says the Pawbo+ features “instant sharing,” though thankfully it’s not something the camera does on its own. It’s actually something you can do in the Pawbo app while you’re watching your pets play, or, say, burglars ransacking your house. Whichever happens to be going on at the time. <> 1/7Pawbo, Acer’s first foray into the world of high-tech cat toys! That’s assuming your cat doesn’t already own their new 21-inch gaming laptop. 1/7The one part of Pawbo your pets actually care about: the treat bin. 1/7You can just set Pawbo down anywhere, or you can securely attach it to a flat surface with a couple of screws. 1/7This cat is wondering why Pawbo isn’t just a plastic bowl full of treats. 1/7Watch out, dog, or Pawbo might spit cat treats at your snoot. 1/7I’m pretty sure this cat is pissed about the presence of Pawbo and is looking to put an end to it. 1/7Additional accessories coming soon, because no one who *really* loves their pet would buy it just ONE $170 connected gizmo.center_img The camera is just the first of many Pawbo products that Acer will be selling. They’re working on a bunch of connected accessories for it, all of which your cat will probably not care about for more than a few minutes a day and even then only when you’re not looking. Then again, maybe my cat doesn’t perform for me because I don’t buy $170 Internet-connected toys for her…last_img