HandsOn Firewall Zero Hour is the Best VR Game Ive Ever Played

first_imgWhile attending PlayStation Experience, I got to try out a new PlayStation VR game called Firewall: Zero Hour. I’m not typically a big fan of tactical FPS titles or VR, but I had a blast with Firewall. In fact, I’ll go on record and say this is the very best VR FPS game I’ve ever played. It really is that good.If you’re familiar with Rainbow Six: Siege then you’ll feel at home with Firewall. In the demo I played, my team had to infiltrate a small mansion and find a laptop. However, an opposing team waited for us inside. In order for both teams to meet their objectives, they must communicate with each other at all times. Firewall would be a tense game on its own. Tossing in the VR aspect gives it a whole new level of immersion.I used the PSVR Aim Controller to play. This gun-shaped peripheral had all the functionality of a DualShock 4 controller but with the added bonus of feeling like a gun. The front analog stick controls movement and sprinting while the rear stick handles quick turns. Flash and frag grenades are assigned to the front triggers. Crouching, reloading, interact, and weapon swapping are assigned to the face buttons on the stock of the aim controller. It’s a simple layout that works beautifully.The game’s low learning curve applies to both the traditional controls and VR mechanics. As I made my way through the mansion’s dimly lit corridors, I instinctively peaked around corners or turned my head sideways to look around me. The spacial awareness VR provides is a massive advantage; especially in an FPS. It didn’t take long for me to completely master the controls. This is a small miracle considering I’m normally not very good at military FPS titles.Since this is a tactical FPS, I took my time slowly going from room to room. It was exhilarating to enter a room and see the top of a foe’s head as he (attempted) to hide. I became so immersed in the game that I forgot I was playing in a small press lounge. I shouted obscenities as I shot foes or whenever I was killed. Thankfully, the other folks in the media room (press and developers) found my boisterous enthusiasm entertaining. This helped alleviate the small amount of embarrassment I felt after taking off the PSVR helmet. What can I say? I was just having a great time.I had so much fun with Firewall that I actually ended up playing it again on the second day of PSX. My first session went very well, but it was just the inaugural playthrough. The second time around, I handled things like a true pro. I was able to get the drop on enemies and take them out quickly. In fact, I don’t believe I died a single time during this playthrough. I made sure to look down the sight of my gun instead of firing from the hip. This ensured I’d hit my mark more often than not. I felt like a true bad-ass while going down corridors and flushing out hidden defenders or giving my team mates orders.The demo I played only had three character classes, three weapons, and one map. Expect the final build to have more of everything, including weapon attachments and character progression. This is good since I did feel the demo was a tad on the thin side. That isn’t to say Firewall isn’t enjoyable as a straight-up tactical FPS, but things like character progression and weapon attachments will add more depth. I’m sure the game will receive post-launch add-ons as well.It’s rare for me to play event demos more than once, but I had to with Firewall: Zero Hour. This is even more surprising given my past experiences with VR. Even though the build I played is still early, I loved every second of it. I’m looking forward to seeing what new features the team adds in the following months. If everything goes right, I can see this game being a PSVR system seller. Any developer currently working on an FPS VR game should keep their eyes on Firewall. VR is still in a nascent state, but Firewall certainly does a great job of laying down ground rules for how FPS titles can best work in VR.Firewall: Zero Hour will launch exclusively on PlayStation VR sometime in 2018. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img