Xining new semester strict word is strictly prohibited class teachers paid tutor

this fall soon, in August 28th, Xining City Education Department held a special meeting, the school has prohibited Jiaoyuluanshoufei, no school leadership and teachers paid extra lessons, the Education Bureau also said that in the management of teaching, teachers can take the appropriate way to the management of students.

at present, the four districts of Xining City, the county (excluding pre-school education) in the number of students was 308 thousand, which accounted for a large proportion of the city’s account of the students and school choice students accounted for the proportion of three. Therefore, the Xining City Department of education requires schools to strictly charge the tuition fees and school choice.

in some places and school teachers especially teachers, students dare not dare to criticize the education of students, according to the Ministry of Education promulgated a new "primary and secondary teacher work regulations", Xining City Bureau of education in primary and middle school teacher is authorized to take appropriate ways for students to criticism of the right to education. At the same time, the teacher in charge of the class should be taught and do the work of the teacher as the main industry, to take half the time to do the work of class teacher. Xining will also implement the teacher allowance into performance pay management, in the performance of the wage distribution to tilt to the teacher. For the class teacher to take over the workload of the class, to exceed class allowance allowance".

in Xining, the school leaders and teachers’ individual to engage in paid tutor, do not focus on the normal teaching work, the class is not good lectures, put a lot of time in tutoring waiting is not a normal phenomenon, Xining City Bureau of education is mainly responsible for the knock on the alarm in the city all in primary school.

Xining City Board of education also requires all primary and secondary schools after school, to prevent the occurrence of influenza A (H1N1), so that students and teachers to master the protection of knowledge, and a complete set of protective measures. At the same time, students should widely publicize the knowledge of food hygiene and safety.