Province promulgated the budget information disclosure approach

to promote and regulate the budget public work, recently, the province introduced the "Qinghai Provincial Budget Information Disclosure Measures" based on summarizing the practical experience of the public budget, from the public subject and duties, scope and content, and time and format etc., put forward specific requirements on the work of public governments at all levels in the province department budget and budget.

"measures" clearly, the public budget is the government at all levels and departments budget units shall fulfill the obligation, the financial departments at all levels to take charge of the government budget and final public work, all departments and units responsible for the budget departments of the units and their subordinate units of the public budget work. In recent years, our province budget public work steadily, to consolidate the early accumulation of some new achievements in expanding the scope of the disclosure, detailed disclosure of exploration, effective coordination of budget management reform of the "measures", with a clear range of government departments at all levels, the budget and public budgets and final accounts and the contents of refinement, proposed disclosure requirements specific. The "measures" adhere to the problem oriented, in some area, and the public sector budget and final accounts are not uniform, the budget is not initiative, the budget disclosure is not timely, and no problem in a unified form open, open, open to matters of time and the specific format for further clear requirements, governments at all levels and departments a portal to the main open platform, in strict accordance with the open time and open a unified format for budget information, and long-term public.

To strengthen the organization and implementation of the

assessment and supervision, the "measures" requirements for confidentiality and financial departments at all levels to do information work involving matters of confidentiality, the initiative to respond to social concern in the process of public budgets and final accounts, timely questions; pay close attention to reflect the budget problems in the public, seriously study the rectification. At the same time, the level of information disclosure requirements of the competent authorities and the financial sector to strengthen incentives and accountability mechanisms to ensure the initiative, timely and complete disclosure of the Department’s budget information.