Streamline the online parallel projects in our province to achieve online approval supervision

"Streamline approval, online approval, strengthen the parallel collaborative supervision, according to the relevant requirements of the national and provincial arrangements, since this year, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments and bureaus, provincial areas, and actively promote the construction of the province’s investment project approval and supervision platform online. Currently, the project has been approved by the approval of the project directory 266. After the approval of the construction of the online regulatory platform, the company can achieve online reporting of the project, the relevant departments can be handled online at the same time, the progress of the approval of the footsteps can also click to view at any time.

it is reported that the provincial development and Reform Commission adopted centralized closed office, organization of the province 22 bureaus, area, to carry out the construction of the investment project, online approval and supervision platform for business training, and examination and approval work guidelines and reporting. At present, the examination and approval and investment projects combing guidelines basically completed, to tease out the project directory 266, including provincial, state (city), three counties, 156: approval of the project directory, approved the project directory 45, record the project directory 65, at the same time, sort out to 75 approval 16 provincial departments, as well as the guidelines, the corresponding process. Investment projects online approval regulatory platform put into use, the company can achieve the project online reporting, the relevant departments can be handled in parallel, do not need to finish one to do another. The entire approval process will be open and transparent, the project unit can be based on code inquiries, approval of the situation at a glance. At present, our province and national docking platform network through being stepped up, the future of our province investment projects online approval and supervision and the national longitudinal through this platform, optimization services for our province to promote decentralization, accelerate the solid foundation of the investment and financing system reform play.