Xining industrial and commercial departments to clean up psoriasis Xining Street glamorous

  Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce to play the role of grassroots "while two station", the community and neighborhood together to clean up duplicate rebound "psoriasis", to the national day, a total of 291 standardized operating households door, seized 2990 pieces of print advertising without registration.

in order to consolidate the "news" results, creating a clean, beautiful, beautiful environment, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau combination of false and illegal advertising special rectification action, focus on cleaning up the "psoriasis", the focus of remediation outdoor advertising door, window, display card, printed advertisement without the approval of the unauthorized dissemination, print advertising at poles, walls, etc. posted out. A total of 291 standardized operating households door, the deadline for rectification of the 150 shops, defaced off the door, cleaning the 1440 poles, posted on the wall advertising. Law enforcement officers, after remediation, the main city of Xining and three counties of the main sections of the road is not true, not civilized, shoddy, serious screen defaced, shedding outdoor advertising significantly reduced.