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, Taobao, Tmall open praise or Jingdong and other online shopping mall, directly click or enter the flagship store in Longyangxia, a red meat, make all kinds of salmon unable to hide greeds ice fresh sashimi dishes pictures straight into the eye.

this is the people’s Republic of Longyangxia Qinghai ecological water Co., Ltd. through the micro channel opened the Internet mall. It is understood that, from April 19th last year, the company set up e-commerce team, several excellent regional distributors in product packaging, logistics, sales and other fields, after running and operation, has opened many online shops in Amoy platform and micro channel, at the end of February this year has completed 20 million yuan in sales. This is also the province’s first large-scale livestock products to achieve online sales, marking the fishery enterprises in our province products sales channels to achieve a qualitative leap.

it is understood that salmon called trout, is a kind of high-grade aquatic food. Statistics show that China’s salmon annual consumption amounted to more than 10 thousand tons, most rely on imports from countries such as Norway. According to industry estimates, by 2018, the scale of salmon demand in China will reach 9 billion yuan, a huge market potential.

since the beginning of 2007, richly endowed by nature of our province’s unique conditions relying on the plateau cold climate advantages, considerable rivers and lakes water resources and clean natural environment such as cold water fish farming, the introduction of leading enterprises in the Longyangxia area, reference and the introduction of trout aquaculture equipment Norway trout aquaculture complete sets of equipment technology and environmental protection. Create a cold water fish enriching project, salmon in the Gao Yuanan home.

today, the concept of ecological protection in priority, I adhere to the most stringent carrying capacity control, the most stringent bio safety management, the most stringent water quality supervision ", formed a large trout cage standardized breeding and equipment technology, cold water fish recirculating seed breeding technology and the implementation of bio safety management technology, to push salmon (triploid white salmon), the main varieties of" modernization, internationalization, high-tech, sustainable industrial development model. By 2015, the province’s total production of more than 7 thousand tons of salmon, along the Yellow cold water fish cage aquaculture area of up to 25 square meters, the formation of the Longyangxia to the Soviet Union reservoir cage aquaculture industry.

according to the company responsible for electricity Lin Xiaoyu, located in the headquarters of the electricity supplier and wind cold chain cooperation in Hangzhou, Longyangxia from the water fish by shipping to Shanghai processing factory, through online ordering, sent to the consumer table only 24 hours. As a fresh product, compared with imported products in 7 days, Qinghai salmon has a short time, the advantages of fresh products.

currently, Longyangxia salmon brand has been popular, has developed 13 series of online direct marketing products based on consumer demand for the electricity supplier company, sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces first-tier cities, accounted for more than 60% of the national sales. This year the company has started to open 4 stores in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, will be able to get through the online and offline docking, the province will be chilled fish products;