Microsoft gives free month of Xbox Live after Cloud Save outage

first_imgThe most common saying by those who are against putting your whole life “in the cloud” is that if anything goes wrong on the providers end, you’re left with nothing. This was certainly the case last week as many Xbox Live users were unable to access their saved games for a couple of days. In response to the outage, Microsoft has offered a free month of service to everyone that was affected. Microsoft’s Cloud Save feature is isolated from all of their other services, offering users the ability to save their games online instead of on their HDD. This is great for users who purchased the low storage versions of the Xbox 360 consoles that came out in the last hardware refresh. When the Cloud Save feature went down, none of Microsoft’s other cloud based services were affected. Additionally, you could still download the save stated and put them on your Xbox, so long as you had room on your HDD to store the save. It would up being a minor inconvenience at best for most users, but because it was out for nearly two whole days it left many shaken in their faith that the service was something worth using. Coupled with the free month of Xbox Live Gold for anyone who was affected, XBL general manager Alex Garden assured everyone that a thorough post mortem would be done to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future. Xbox Live has always been a fairly sturdy service, and of the few outages that have happened since the creation of the service, never has the entire thing been down for particularly long. This two day outage for a relatively new feature is one of the longest outages that any part of Xbox Live has ever suffered, and the team at Microsoft seems to be responding in the best way possible to assure it doesn’t happen again.Via The Vergelast_img