Provincial government to open big data service market players

big data era, travel, finance and other data for the people’s decision provides a basis. The provincial government timely issued "implementation plan" of Qinghai Province, the use of big data services on the market and strengthen supervision, the use of big data concepts and technology, strengthen government services and regulatory role, the release of market vitality. "Implementation plan" will be implemented from April 19th.

"plan" the introduction to decentralization and optimization services, the concept of big data, technology and resources to make full use of the whole process of service and supervision of the main body of the market, strengthen supervision and prediction of things, maintaining the normal market order, and further optimize the development environment, the release of the vitality of market players.

The main goal of

is to use the concept of data and technology, efficient acquisition, effective integration, make full use of government data and social data, improve government services and regulatory effectiveness and pertinence; promote the construction of social credit system, promote the market in accordance with the law construction of honesty, fairness and integrity of the market environment; improve the level of government services and the efficiency of supervision, reduce the cost of service and supervision; to promote the organic combination of government regulation and social supervision, to build a full range of market supervision system.

at present, all areas of our province’s industrial and commercial registration, quality supervision, tax collection, health care, labor and social security, education and culture, tourism and transportation services to small and medium enterprises, credit system construction has its own data platform, but few interoperability, it is difficult to form a large data environment. Therefore, the implementation of the program to promote the opening of the government and the social information resources sharing, breaking the blockade of information areas and division, to solve the problem of asymmetric information and information islands.

in the use of big data to improve the service level for the main body of the market, including speeding up the establishment of the citizen, legal representative and other organizations a unified code of social credit system; the full implementation of business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate of "three in one" "a photo of a code registration system reform; a multi sector online project parallel approval system, improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval; the government departments to promote the integration of relevant information, improve the level of information service; expand the credit record and credit product application, establish a sound credit incentive mechanism; strengthen the statistical monitoring and data processing services to the use of big data technology; play a coordinating role in the government organization, to guide the specialized agencies and industry organizations use data service.