Xining 24 days free of charge for motor vehicle pass next year

  December 14th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, motor vehicle passes will be free from the 24 month of this month from the beginning of the month of 2013. What kind of cars eligible for licensing, licensing can enjoy the rights? This reporter interviewed specifically for the Xining traffic police department staff.

pass is divided into 3 categories

Xining city traffic police detachment responsible person, in order to reduce the province city area traffic pressure, reasonable regulation and control of the road traffic flow, effectively improve the city traffic, travel environment, Xining city traffic police detachment according to the provisions of the "road traffic safety law", enacted in urban area of the forbidden line, limit line road area the vehicle type, scope, time limit line management regulations, and to meet the conditions of the vehicles distributed free travel vehicles, commuter cars and temporary 3 passes.

although the vehicle meets the conditions, but if there is a major traffic accident, vehicle exhaust and noise pollution seriously exceed the standard seriously exceed the standard, not the whole capacity car appearance and serious traffic violations, will be canceled the qualification to apply for permits. Municipal, telecommunications, postal services, power supply, water supply, drainage, gas and other units on the road repair and maintenance of public facilities in the maintenance of special vehicles, will no longer handle the pass. Special vehicles entering the forbidden line, because of the need to limit line sections, you can advance to the area for Traffic Police Brigade matters, an emergency to the road traffic police on duty to verify vehicle borne equipment, instruments, tools and other objects, and carry out the construction site after the passage or parked at designated locations.

apply for a travel permit shall not exceed the total number of vehicles 50%

reporter learned that the tourist car passes for a year. All registration information for the Xining administrative region of the tourism company (travel agency) and the reception of the province’s domestic and foreign tourists in large and medium-sized passenger cars, can apply for a travel permit. But the traffic police department will be based on the specific circumstances of the urban traffic pressure and flow of the limit of the number of issued, the number will be controlled within 50% of the total number of units in the car.

travel permit by the tourism company (travel agency) unified bid, with the official seal of the unit after the deployment of the use of. Vehicles without a permit to travel in addition to the Main Street East, West Street outside, when the shuttle travel team in the rest of the forbidden line of the city, the restricted section of road traffic. In the designated tourism management department of the province, the city’s attractions, dining, shopping, accommodation shuttle passengers to stop that from that, without the consent of the District Traffic Police Brigade parking, illegal parking will be investigated.

with the introduction of the letter can apply for a commuter car pass

who are registered in Xining City, the owner of the vehicle registration information for the administration, enterprises and institutions engaged in shuttle staff more than 13 large and medium sized commuter buses, commuter cars can apply for permits.

commuter car when applying for a permit to;