Huangyuan first entered the wisdom of the city threshold

In January 16th, the Huangyuan county government and Qinghai mobile jointly organized the "4 season Dan city · wisdom Huangyuan launch ceremony and press conference was held, marking the Huangyuan County became the first province in 4G city of wisdom.

in recent years, Huangyuan has been increasing tourism infrastructure construction, innovation and promotion of foreign propaganda, cultural tourism development in the province presents highlights and features. In order to further enhance the level of city management, city tourism service level, Huangyuan county and China Mobile group Qinghai Co. Ltd. Xining branch cooperation, together to create a "4 season Dan city · wisdom Huangyuan".

has a long history of the ancient city of Junggar and Dan of mankind’s most advanced 4G communication way in close contact, a combination of ancient and modern culture, and the wisdom of the collision, marking the Huangyuan first in the province to enter the ranks in the "smart city, smart city construction pilot, mainly focus on municipal services, with integrated wireless information network platform omnipresent support city management, medicine and health, public service, business travel, life learning and the application of information technology.

smart wireless city, is the use of high-speed broadband wireless network to cover a city, to achieve Internet access to information and services, whenever and wherever possible, it will be the information fast, diverse and convenient transfer to the various units and individuals, public facilities fifth based is called after the water and electricity of the city traffic "". The opening of 4G network in Junggar Dan city, not only to actively explore the development of tourism, the ancient city of Junggar wisdom Dan promote publicity, to improve the management level of the city once, also marks the province’s key scenic spots into the high-speed mobile communication era, a useful innovation of city, cultural tourism publicity, Huangyuan will become the people’s understanding the world and the majority of tourists convenient service window of Huangyuan heavy cognitive culture, enrich the connotation of cultural tourism, improve the city function, improve the people’s happiness index.