Australian companies signed 500 million large orders

Clean food exhibition in the Qinghai, the unique agricultural products resources, mineral resources, tourism resources into foreign eyes xiangbobo. At the signing ceremony in May 17th, the province’s enterprises and foreign enterprises signed 6 cooperation agreements, including a single large sum of $500 million.

the single contract amounting to 500 million yuan a large single, Australia is Lebanese halal beef and mutton slaughter group company signed with the Qinghai Aliye Investment Co. Ltd is one of the export project cooperation agreement, signed this clean food exhibition on large projects. According to reports, the Australian Lebanese halal beef and mutton slaughter group company has been optimistic about the quality of beef and mutton in Qinghai, so through in-depth consultations, the two sides reached a cooperation agreement. At the same time, Council for the promotion of international trade in Qinghai province and Russia International Exhibition Forum Limited signed a "memorandum of cooperation projects exhibition", Malaysia Hui Ke marketing and Advisory Services Limited signed the import project agreement with Yiwu Qinghai chamber of Commerce, involving an amount of $8 million.