Love green green color to beautify their homes

is a positive response to the Mission District launched the "love Xining, public morality, to build a summer garden" activities, further play a dominant role in the Communist Youth League and youth volunteers in the ecological construction. The morning of June 15th, the Bridge Street area of the community organization work group members of youth and community volunteers in the park to carry out the "love green green, green activities and volunteer service activities" as the theme.
the voluntary service activities to love the green green as the carrier, so that the majority of young people involved in afforestation activities, self practice, self education, self improvement, enhanced their awareness of environmental protection, optimize the environment and beautify the area. The young volunteers have proved that the "good society, protect the environment is everybody’s responsibility" with their own practical action, to enhance the youth "green, green, green, green color of love" to a certain extent, the awareness of environmental protection.