Auto show three days turnover of more than billion yuan

  yesterday, the evening news show to enter the third day, due to enter the weekend, to visit the masses of the sudden increase in car buying, car dealers who are busy, the scene is quite good volume. Reporters from a number of vendors to understand, especially as Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Ford, Guangzhou TOYOTA and JAC own brand best-selling models, is warmly pursued by the Car Buying owners, and 12 brands of Guanghui car supermarket is three days more hit more than and 120 vehicles will pay huge amount of performance the. According to the evening news show organizers statistics, the first three days evening news show turnover of more than and 800, turnover of more than billion yuan.
and for the audience at the show site, in addition to a variety of new luxury cars and beautiful car models attract the attention of the manufacturers in the field of the introduction of preferential activities is undoubtedly their most concern. The reporter understands, various brands and manufacturers offer each are not identical, but more or less to the prospective owners brought more substantial concessions: Dongfeng Yueda KIA highest benefit twenty thousand, with high-quality Freddy preferential loans "29800 yuan home"; Jia Yue Ford 4000 yuan -5000 yuan preferential; 2013 edition Camry straight down 50000 yuan…… Evening news show, became a prospective owner to buy a new car, car family for a good car. (author: Xiao Yu)