Central District, the establishment of electronic monitoring system for retail pharmacies

recently, the district has built five northwestern provinces only pilot drugstore electronic supervision system, fully completed within the jurisdiction of the electronic supervision network of retail pharmacies, retail pharmacies in the registration, strict implementation of the drugs from the pharmacy access system, supervision of the whole production, wholesale to the retail chain, the establishment of drug safety traceability system, improve quality supervision.

City District initiative for the area of 103 pharmacies free distribution of computers, through the improvement of software and hardware facilities to further promote the development of retail pharmacy drug electronic supervision. At the same time, actively organize relevant personnel to participate in drug circulation supervision information system training, to further standardize the technical operation of the relevant practitioners, to strengthen the overall quality of employees. As of now, in order to urge the pharmacy seriously carry out the work, to ensure that the electronic supervision work can be carried out, the total area of law enforcement officers dispatched 240 passengers, vehicles 18 times, within the jurisdiction of the 113 pharmacies and 103 medical pharmacies were sampling, and 7 standard units of sales given severe punishment.

The establishment of

retail pharmacy electronic supervision system, to further improve the relevant medical personnel’s service quality, promote the urban district in the basic medical and public health services and drug safety services and other aspects of the scientific and comprehensive process, continue to establish and improve the laid the foundation of basic medical and health service system for the area, but also better to meet the health needs of people.