8 cities and counties in the province of 2 units and 2 individuals received the honorary title of na

7 the morning of 29 August, the national model city (county) and named doublesupported model units and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly held in Beijing, Xining City, Golmud City, Delingha City, Yushu City, East Sea city, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Qilian County, Guinan County, the province won the national support model city (county) the honorary title, Golmud City People’s armed forces, Maqing County Road south of the Yellow River neighborhood won the national model units honorary title, Dojena Jean, Ma Zhongyun won the national patriotic Yongjun model personal honor. This is my province honors in the previous national model selection in most of the time.

yongjunyoushu, cherishing, is the fine tradition of our party and our people’s army. In recent years, the province’s support work in the strong leadership of the provincial government, the provincial military, the military solidarity and cooperation, to maintain social harmony and stability, promote economic and social development, and effectively promote the overall construction of the province’s steady and rapid economic development and the army. In the current deepening reform of national defense and the army, critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of both the military yongjunyoushu, cherishing, for my career, reform and development, has important significance to the construction of a comprehensive well-off, to achieve China dream of a strong army dream.