Boost the development of new urban construction and upgrading of Western Development

in August this year, the Lanzhou new district was approved by the State Council, the western region has become the fourth new urban areas after the Liangjiang New District, West Ham District, Tianfu new district. It is reported that Guizhou Gui’an district planning has been submitted to the State Council for approval, Ningxia has started Yindong district planning work. If we say that the western development ten years ago mainly solves the problem of the weak infrastructure and ecological environment construction of the western region, make up the development of the "short board", then, nearly two years of planning and construction of the new city of the western region boom, from another point of view that in the center of the city as the focus, to create "inland open economy heights" strategic decision is to force, will boost the western development to a new stage of comprehensive quality and upgrade.

in the new round of western development started on the occasion, the west country attaches great importance to the building of the new city center to strengthen the city agglomeration and leading role, bigger and stronger metropolitan city center, the development effect of further expanding its own characteristics and comparative advantages, has its deep historical and realistic necessity of

first, is to enhance the level of opening up to the outside world, the inevitable move. The opening is in the global economic integration process in depth, the western region to actively participate in the international division of labor, speed up the production factors to accelerate the flow and restructuring in the global scope; to open, is full of abundant strategic resources, huge market potential advantages, and actively undertake industrial transfer, the establishment of a modern industrial system, enhance the ability of self-development through; strengthen the central city of radiation, walk the road of the city of west development, it is the implementation of "western development" 12th Five-Year "plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") to build inland open economy strategic highland "new requirements, necessary initiatives to enhance the level of opening up.

followed by the western development is an important means of upgrading the overall quality of the upgrade. In the past ten years, the strategic decision made by the infrastructure and ecological environment construction has made a breakthrough in the development of the western region. However, the gap between the East and the absolute gap, irrational structure, lack of self-development capacity, the basic public services are still weak issues. In depth implementation of the western development strategy needs to address the above issues, comprehensive deployment, comprehensive promotion. Starting from the regional city spatial layout, the center of the city to play together and leading role, promote the capital, technology and personnel and other factors to the rational flow of the western region, is to ease the structural contradictions of various regional development in our country, an important means of narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, and enhance self-development ability.

three is the implementation of the "western development in 12th Five-Year," the specific action plan. "Planning" to "optimize the layout of the city to the west city development put forward, expand the development space, improve the function of the city, intensive land use", and the two rivers area 5 key city of the western region included in the planning of new district. To improve the land, labor, energy resources and other elements support through new construction, to create a good environment for infrastructure in favor of undertaking industrial transfer to enhance competitiveness, thus speeding up the regional industrialization and city urbanization, industrialization, informatization and city "three" integration;