During the Spring Festival, people need not worry

Annual Spring Festival, the number of hospital visits is always high. If you encounter physical discomfort, how should we see a doctor? And how to prevent the emergence of holiday disease? Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other typical symptoms of food poisoning, how to do?

I at all levels of medical and health units and the CDC will strengthen the monitoring of epidemic prevention and control of infectious diseases, timely analysis of major infectious diseases, take effective measures to improve the epidemic management. Medical institutions at all levels to improve medical and health support capabilities, strengthen holiday duty, strict implementation of the first diagnosis is responsible for the implementation of infectious disease prevention and control plan, do a good job of infectious disease prevention and control work. During the festival each unit to strengthen production safety supervision and inspection work, the security risks one by one investigation of medical and health units at all levels attach great importance to emergency work during the Spring Festival, the health care and public health emergencies. Strengthen emergency duty, strict discipline, to ensure the smooth flow of information, timely reporting, if the occurrence of public health emergencies, quickly and properly disposed of. The city’s more than two general hospital emergency department according to the conventional open 24 hours, to ensure the normal reception, "120" emergency phone.

two reminder: the case of food safety problems call "12331"

in the purchase of food and raw materials, to choose the regular way to try to buy storage materials, keep shopping vouchers to avoid cross contamination of food; food processing and cooking. Dining out, you should choose a complete license, clean environment inside and outside, food and beverage service food safety supervision of the high level of food and beverage units. Should obtain and retain the relevant documents such as consumer bills.

during the holidays, should pay attention to diet. After dinner, once the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other typical symptoms of food poisoning, we must promptly to the hospital, and contact with the dining units, at the same time to the local administrative department of health and food and drug supervision departments to report complaints. Consumers found that the presence of food safety problems in food and beverage units, you can call 12331 for 24 hours to receive telephone complaints report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities to report complaints.

remind three: avoid overeating irregular life