Huangyuan to achieve wireless coverage of digital terrestrial television

September 25th, Huangyuan county national standard digital terrestrial television wireless coverage project was completed and trial operation, marking the opening of the city in Huangyuan, the first national digital terrestrial television wireless coverage. The county, China, Pakistan Yan, peace, wave navigation and other towns near 30 thousand farmers in rural areas in the city took the lead to see the city, county, local television programs two. This year, the Municipal Bureau of SMG will complete the 9 key pad and 53 additional transmitter digital terrestrial wireless coverage project construction tasks in the city, the three county city nearly 170 thousand households receive county TV station and Xining TV station.

national standard digital terrestrial TV wireless coverage project is an important part of radio and television transmission coverage network. Through the construction of the city, the Xining TV station and three county television programs to cover the rural areas of the three counties. Huangyuan county government set up a national standard for terrestrial digital television wireless coverage project construction leading group of engineering standards, site selection, project planning, time guarantee and technical guarantee made clear requirements, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. At present, Huangyuan County Bo Russian TV transmitting station has been completed and trial operation, so that the county Bo Russian TV transmitting station within the coverage range of the popularization of users are able to watch the Huangyuan county manages program and Xining TV programs two. (author: Wang Zi)