Huangyuan County 1824 poor villagers Xiqianxinju

"I live in a house in mobula soil, not hardened Road, poor conditions, now move down, the house is much better than before, the improvement of living conditions, the child to school is also convenient, thanks to the good policy of the party, so we have to look forward to the day!" Farmer Li Jun said happily. In 2012, Huangyuan county poverty alleviation relocation project as a priority among priorities, earnestly organize the implementation of poverty alleviation project whole village 8 villages, a total investment of 52 million 345 thousand yuan, the 1824 7588 people out of poverty, stepped up to become rich road.

in poverty alleviation and the whole village to promote the project process, Huangyuan county will be small to resettle the project and combined with the new rural construction, the use of funds and the reconstruction of urban construction funds, housing construction incentive funds and other relevant departments to make use of funds tied up, the project construction progress smoothly, significant benefits. And in accordance with the requirements of the development of leading industries, infrastructure facilities, public welfare improvement, the implementation of the relocation of the 8 villages in the project, a total of 1824 households relocated farmers 7588. Invested 52 million 345 thousand yuan, the living in the depths of the mountains, cliffs, water can not get rid of danger dangerous section, part of the relocation of poverty. The implementation of the project not only changed the living environment of the relocated people, but also improved the production and living conditions of the poor people. In order to support the relocation of farmers following industrial development, poverty alleviation and reporting the implementation of 6 million 690 thousand yuan of funds invested in Xianju leading enterprises to invest dividends, so that farmers have a stable source of income, annual household income of more than 600 yuan, but also through micro credit loans, the relocation of households, business loans to support industry support and practical technical training and training of rural labor transfer and other forms, to help migrant workers or the development of production, the relocation of poor people’s ideological concept has a positive change, a substantial increase in employment opportunities, constantly broaden sources of income, income levels increased significantly.