The talent has become the city of Xining science and technology development mishap

, according to incomplete statistics, the city’s more than 93% scientific and technological personnel in public institutions, as the main body of technological innovation enterprises accounted for only 7%." In April 23rd, municipal science and Technology Bureau, strong sea in the fifteen session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth Meeting for our implementation of the "Regulations" Qinghai province science and technology progress report pointed out that our lack of talents and academic leaders, high-level scientific and technological talents shortage.

in recent years, the city to borrow the talents and cultivating talents as the key implementing talent strategy, to create a good atmosphere of respecting labor, knowledge, respect talent, and create "the progress of science and technology work has achieved remarkable results. However, in promoting the progress of science and technology, there are still lack of scientific and technological innovation in the city, the national awareness of science and technology is not strong, the overall lack of investment in science and technology, scientific and technological achievements, such as the low level of transformation.

, according to Qiang Jianhai, the phenomenon of verbal technology in our city still exists in rural areas, especially in remote mountainous areas there are some scientific and technological propaganda dead. Some localities and departments, especially leading cadres at the grassroots level is not really part of the "revitalizing the city through science and education", "science and education" strategy of priority development of the strategic position. In addition, the county level in the field of science and technology investment is relatively large, in terms of 2012, Datong County Science and technology investment of 1 million 50 thousand yuan, Huangzhong county is $50 thousand.

and low level of scientific and technological achievements is also a major difficulty in the progress of science and technology. Since 2010, the city has increased in the application of scientific and technological achievements, but the magnitude is not large, and the conversion rate is lower, accounting for only 7.8%. At present, the national scientific and technological achievements conversion rate of 25%, the city is far below the national level. Various departments also need to further strengthen coordination and communication, to form a concerted effort to improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements." Qiang Jianhai said. (author: Sheng Nan)