Successful implementation of the comprehensive treatment of dangerous rocks in the northern part of

September 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks and gardens, Xiping expressway, Xining section of the landscape forest belt and the northern mountain dangerous rock comprehensive

governance greening construction is in full swing, as of now, city garden department has completed the high standard greening landscape forest construction of 1. 3 kilometers, planted

?2622 kinds of

seedlings. 430 acres of land have been completed smoothly, more than 16 strains of white elm, apricot, pine, Populus hopeiensis angustifolia, etc. will be planted.

Xiping Expressway on both sides of the old buildings, serious construction waste dumps, along the green landscape is poor, seriously affecting the city’s image of the city

. To this end, the city decided to combine the landscape along the Xiping Expressway and the transformation of the North Mountain dangerous rock comprehensive treatment project, the original dilapidated buildings demolished

, along with the removal of a large number of garbage to clean up the land to be re leveled, planted along the road a high standard of landscape forest, the rest of the land by the standard

standard of ecological forest construction.

in accordance with the arrangements of the municipal government, the city’s land and resources department, the relevant departments of the Eastern District actively carry out land acquisition, demolition work, will be demolished

of the land to the garden department, city garden department organization and personnel of large machinery, garbage removal and land leveling work. Currently, just removed

of the 430 acres of land and land leveling garbage removal work has been completed, a total removal of construction waste of 200 thousand cubic meters, 400 thousand cubic meters of excavation, backfill

planting 200 thousand cubic meters of soil, the renovation of the road for 3 kilometers, the removal of elevated guardrail of 1304 meters, re install the elevated guardrail of 600 meters. Currently, the Department of landscape has been

ahead of the scheduled green seedlings required more than 16 strains (pier), will be planted in the fall.