Xining to build intelligent transportation system

at present, a project of Xining city intelligent transportation system is being implemented, early next year will be built in slow blocking Paul Chang three years of poverty ", to the use of information technology in Xining City, accelerate the construction of city intelligent traffic management system, establish and improve the technical standards and management system, to enhance the level of intelligent traffic management.

The introduction of

intelligent traffic management system, accelerate the construction of integrated traffic situation monitoring, traffic guidance system, realize the flow collection and gathering, signal timing optimization scheme of traffic function, Xining city actively promote the urban road traffic control, remote data analysis, visual monitoring, real-time timing, automatic generation of intelligent traffic control platform construction, and strive to put into use before the end of the year, improve road capacity. At the same time, start the core area of 63 control traffic signal system update, the 51 intersection of electronic police capture system and 12 traffic guidance system construction, road isolation, intersection traffic organization, channelization, marking construction. To further improve the traffic analysis and information release system, gradually covering the main roads and key areas, real-time analysis, early warning analysis, improve and promote the "show" and other mobile phone software, carry out diversified service channels, comprehensive utilization of radio and television, websites and other means, timely notification of traffic information.

is in the construction of a construction project includes Xining city comprehensive traffic control center (a platform), road transport supervision platform, bus intelligent dispatching system, intelligent rental service management system etc..