Voluntary tree planting rate of more than 95%

is not easy to live a tree on the plateau, therefore, Qinghai personality outside the green. The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department in March 12th held the Arbor Day promotional activities, in 2013 the province’s obligation of planting 15 million 60 thousand, participating in voluntary tree planting the number of 2 million 542 thousand and 700 passengers, duty rate of 95.25%, the province innovative forms of voluntary tree planting, duty rate increased year by year.

as a citizen of People’s Republic of China, each of us has a quantitative task of planting trees, each person should be responsible for 3 to 5 trees per year, or the completion of the corresponding amount of seedlings, conservation and other greening tasks. Tree planting day, to carry out large-scale voluntary tree planting activities across the province last year, some units and individuals unable to participate in voluntary tree planting activity initiative "money to do", the side of the mountain, the roadside, the river, the edge of the field more and more green, ecological environment will be improved.

this year our province plans to complete the annual afforestation 1 million 318 thousand and 200 acres, including 677 thousand and 200 acres of plantations, 641 thousand acres of afforestation. Our province will focus on key areas of afforestation, effectively improve the living environment. Do a good job in Huangshui River Basin, along the Yellow River Basin population community afforestation work. Xining, North and south of the two mountains, the Xining Caojiabao Airport and the flower ditch, Delingha Branch Airport, Haidong Industrial Park, photovoltaic industrial park, high-speed channel and other key areas of afforestation projects. To carry out the national voluntary tree planting activities, improve the compliance rate. Xining City, vigorously carry out activities to create a national forest city and the Tibetan Plateau modern forestry science and technology demonstration park construction, carry out a high standard greening urban surrounding afforestation, promote the construction of the beautiful countryside, let the people truly feel the fruits of development of forestry.