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The species is native to Central Asia, while appreciating Yogi for his efforts,alleged that his ministers were not giving correct replies todefame him and staged a walkout with the SP members New data about how much debt today’s students are graduating college with just came out The results are ugly but that’s not the worst of it The Project on Student Debt conducted by The Institute for College Access & Success says the average debt load carried by last year’s crop of four-year nonprofit college grads is $28400 That number is several hundred dollars higher than last year and roughly ten grand more than the average a decade ago Roughly seven in 10 students today graduate with debt a figure that has ticked up in that time period as well This number would likely be even higher if for-profit colleges which were included in previous tallies but left out this year because many failed to provide data were included since their students tend to leave school burdened with debt at a higher rate 88% indebted with at average of nearly $40000 in 2012 That’s bad but that’s not the problem You might think these young adults would be worried about paying off a new car’s worth of debt they’d accrued before getting their first full-time job Nope A new study from Junior Achievement USA and PwC US conducted by Ypulse finds that 24% of millennials think their student loans will be forgiven “It’s a scary statistic” Junior Achievement president Jack Kosakowski tells CNBC The survey doesn’t explore why roughly a quarter of young people have such an optimistic and for the majority unrealistic expectation In many cases the payments they expect to be forgiven are significant “Loan payments are also rising taking a significant chunk out of Millennials pay checks when it comes time to pay up post-graduation” the report accompanying the survey says “One-third of those with student loans are shelling out over $300 per month and five percent are actually paying more than $1000 per month” Although 60% of respondents to the PwC/JA survey say financial aid is a consideration in their school choice the survey also finds that today’s high school seniors are relying on an average of just over $8200 in contributions from their parents and more than $6600 in student loans to help fund their first year’s tuition Their average contribution from savings or earnings: less than $1400 (These students also spent almost $200 of their own money on average on back-to-school shopping School supplies followed by clothes were the most common purchases) Got a family Want more to talk about with them Click here to find out more about the new Time for Family subscription Contact us at [email protected] recommending approval of the budget Council President Dana Sande asked that Extreme North Dakota Racing which organizes the annual Uff Da Mud Run come to the council two months before the race to make sure the council is satisfied with safety precautionsThe mud run is allocated about $13560 in the special events budget the entirety of which will be about $127000 for 2015“I just want to make sure that we all have a good understanding” regarding safety Sande saidEarlier this year the City Council debated if it should waive a city ordinance banning swimming in the Red River which is part of the Uff Da Mud Run because public safety officials were concerned race participants wouldn’t wear life jacketsThe council ended up voting to waive the ordinance with the caveat of requiring race participants younger than 18 to wear life jacketsAfter theSept 6race this year which was the race’s second year officials still have some safety concerns Sande saidThe council approved the budget with the request mud run organizers communicate with council two months before their 2015 eventAlso the 2015 special events budget will likely be the first that allows organizations to only be in the budget for five years starting with 2015 said council member Crystal Schneider who sat on the committee that drafted the budgetThis will encourage using the special events budget for new events in the city she said adding the policy will be addressed in future meetingsCouncil member Terry Bjerke spoke in favor of limiting the special events budget to new events while council member Bret Weber said he sees some “key events” that probably deserve funding every yearEvents that received the most funding through the 2015 budget included the Wild Hog Half Marathon with $15915 the Uff Da Mud Run Sertoma4th of JulyFestival and Fireworks with $10916 and Grand Cities Art Fest with $8000Being buried alive is listed by many people as their worst way to die Can you imagine being stuffed into a coffin conscious or unconscious and living the remaining hours or days of your life confined in a very small box Well that scenario was nearly a reality for a prisoner in Spain who was found unresponsive in his cell According to telecincoes Gonzalo Montoya was found inside his cell at the penitentiary centre in Asturias and was completely out of it But we dont mean out of it like the bloke who passed out at your house party and wont wake up – he was deemed medically deadCredit: Google Maps Two doctors at the prison believed he had died and the court sent a forensic doctor from the judicial commission to officially declare his death He was placed in a bag and taken to Legal Medicine Institute of Oviedo for an autopsy to determine how he died However other forensic doctors couldnt believe their ears when they heard noises coming from the 29-year-old Doctors have told local media that it could be a case of catalepsy which is a trance or seizure where you completely lose all sensation and consciousness Other symptoms include an incredibly rigid body and limbs and a slowing down of bodily functions like breathing and heart rateCredit: PJL Laurens/Creative Commons Thats why medical professionals declared him dead because his pulse was so faint that they couldnt detect it The prisoner was taken to Central University Hospital of Asturias in Oviedo for some tests to ensure his health is up to scratch The Daily Mail reports that Montoya was feeling ill the day before the incident and his wife claims he suffers from epilepsy Catalepsy is a symptom of epilepsy as well as Parkinsons disease and is also a characteristic symptom of cocaine withdrawal according to Good Therapy Other medications such as anti-psychotics and ketamine as known to also induce catalepsyCredit: NIOSH/Creative Commons Its nearly as close a call as a Peruvian man who woke up from a coma at his open-casket funeral Watson Doroteo 24 from Tingo Maria was believed to have died after suffering a fever and chills following a root canal operation However when the mans chest began rising and falling during his funeral his terrified family called doctors who came out and confirmed that Doroteo was in fact showing vital signs The man was transferred from his coffin and taken to hospital but was sadly declared dead – for a second time – on arrival His family suggested that he may have been alive the whole time and was simply sedated by drugs from the operationSources: telecincoes Daily Mail Good Therapy Featured Image Credit: Conlondave/Creative Commons Topics: News Weird Death Chowdhury.

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