Chongqing Dadukou District to build a multi-level public record space

to support entrepreneurship can have a variety of forms and means of combining business platform and entrepreneurial talents in Chongqing Dadukou way, to build a multi-level public record space, promote the coordinated development of regional entrepreneurial work style.

12 10 days, reporters from Dadukou District was informed that the area is to create a public record of space innovation driven platform, promoting youth entrepreneurship and innovation talents. At present, the area has been initially formed to 1 entrepreneurial nursery, 3 small and micro business incubators and accelerate the development of industrial park based incubator platform, has been settled in the project, the enterprise of the 140 3.

"Dadukou public record of the platform." The District Commission responsible person, a platform is designed to gather the entrepreneurial team, launched to help entrepreneurs; two level platform to develop the potential projects; three platform is to create industrial parks, promote the development of enterprise.

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