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Ginsburg did, "I wouldnt say that I can say that with respect to every nominee. but as a trend the unwillingness of judges to answer questions has gone up" The Ringhand and Collins study noted that Ginsburg expressed many more opinions than Gorsuch the most recent judge to be confirmed She responded to eight times as many civil rights questions and her "responsiveness ratio" which compares the number of firm answers to the number of demurrals was far higher than Gorsuchs The study concludes that Gorsuch went further than Ginsburg by avoiding commentary on even settled precedent Jay Wexler who clerked for Ginsburg before teaching at Boston University Law said this practice makes hearings less informative both for Senators and the public "It results in a very sort of strange bit of theater" he said Saiger notes that Ginsburg wouldnt have seen her conduct as anything novel The Model Code of Judicial Conduct was created in 1989 before Ginsburgs hearings to reflect norms for judges One section counsels judges not to opine on subjects that may later arise at the bench "All she did was memorably articulate that rule for the committee" Saiger said "So to say that it was a precedent in that sense she would not and I would not either" Heres a look at some of the key issues that Ginsburg actually discussed during her confirmation hearings: Abortion: Ginsburg affirmed both Roe v Wade and a later decision that upheld the landmark abortion case Planned Parenthood v Casey In response to a question about how the equal protection clause applies to abortion Ginsburg said: "The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a womans life to her well-being and dignity It is a decision she must make for herself When Government controls that decision for her she is being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices" Heres an excerpt of Ginsburgs answer to a question about Casey and whether the right to choose is a fundamental constitutional right: "The Court has once again said that abortion is part of the concept of privacy or liberty under the 14th amendment What regulations will be permitted is certainly a matter likely to be before the Court Answers depend in part Senator on the kind of record presented to the Court It would not be appropriate for me to go beyond the Court’s recent reaffirmation that abortion is a woman’s right guaranteed by the 14th amendment; it is part of the liberty guaranteed by the 14th amendment. The Casey decision at least the opinion of three of the Justices in that case makes it very clear that the woman is central to this She is now standing alone This is her right It is not her right in combination with her consulting physician The cases essentially pose the question: Who decides; is it the State or the individual In Roe the answer comes out: the individual in consultation with her physician We see in the physician something of a big brother figure next to the woman The most recent decision whatever else might be said about it acknowledges that the woman decides" Right to privacy: Ginsburg affirmed that the Constitution includes a right to privacy which is a key concept underlying the Supreme Courts future decisions on abortion and gay marriage When answering a question about whether privacy is a constitutional right Ginsburg stated: "There is a constitutional right to privacy composed of at least two distinguishable parts One is the privacy expressed most vividly in the fourth amendment: The Government shall not break into my home or my office without a warrant based on probable cause; the Government shall leave me alone The other is the notion of personal autonomy The Government shall not make my decisions for me I shall make as an individual uncontrolled by my Government basic decisions that affect my life’s course Yes I think that what has been placed under the label privacy is a constitutional right that has those two elements the right to be let alone and the right to make basic decisions about ones lifes course" Affirmative Action: Ginsburg endorsed the existence of affirmative action programs in her hearings as long as they werent bound to quotas In her testimony she gave an example of an employment requirement that advantaged men that should be eliminated to create an equal playing field "I remember some police cases involving tests physical tests that women could not pass at the same rate as men but that were not at all related to job performance So some of the plans include new tests that are related to what the job requires and do not include standards unrelated to job performance that men can meet more readily than women I remember one test particularly The job involved was slide projectionist As part of the physical test the applicant had to carry a certain weight with arms raised above his head That posture was much harder for women than for men and women failed that portion of the test disproportionately But the weight that had to be carried was something like 18 to 20 pounds about the weight of a year-old child Women have carried that weight from the beginning of time but not with arms lifted over their heads Once you eliminate that element of the test the women begin instantly to pass at least at the same rate as men Many of these job classifications and tests were set up one way without thinkingwith no thought of including women Eliminating such tests is part of the kind of positive affirmative action that does not entail rigid quotas but estimates of what one would expect the workforce to look like if discrimination had not operated to close out certain groups" Free speech: Ginsburg commented on the importance and evolution of free speech When asked about her thoughts on the evolution of free speech rights she said: "Free expression was an ideal from the start The Alien and Sedition Act early on severely limited free speech That law was never declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court but it has been overturned by the history of our country since that time The idea was there from the beginning though I mentioned the Revolutionary War cartoon “LIBERTY of speech for those who speak the speech of liberty” The idea was always there The opposition to the government as censor was always there But it is only in our time that that right has come to be recognized as fully as it is today The line of cases ending in Brandenburg v Ohio (1969) truly recognizes that free speech means not freedom of thought and speech for those with whom we agree but freedom of expression for the expression we hate New contexts undoubtedly will arise But everyone accepts that the dissenting positions of Holmes and Brandeis have become the law That is where we stand today" Labor laws: Ginsburg said in her testimony that the Court should not strike down labor laws based on the freedom of contract She was responding to questions about the Lochner era in which the Supreme Court struck down a number of economic regulations such as minimum wage minimum and maximum hours or labor union protections under the justification of the Fourteenth Amendment and the right to contract "The Court in the 1930’s rejected the so-called Lochner line The Court in that line of decisions consistently overturned economic and social legislation passed by the States and even by the Federal Government That era in which the Court attempted to curtail economic and social legislation is over Although there may be some voices for a return of that kind of judicial activism I think it is generally recognized that the guardian of our economic and social rights must be the legislatures State and Federal" Discrimination: Ginsburg denounced discrimination in response to questions on the subject "A persons birth status should not enter into the way that person is treated A person who is born into a certain home with a certain religion or is born of a certain race those are questions irrelevant to what that person can do or contribute to society" Correction: Aug 3 The original version of this story misstated the 25th anniversary of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs confirmation to the US Supreme Court It is Friday not Saturday The original version of this story also misstated the name of one of Ginsburgs former clerks It is Aaron Saiger not Aaron Sanger Contact us at [email protected] confronted the prospect of political chaos Monday morning three days after the country voted to leave the European Union in a national referendum The response to Brexit in the UK has been chaotic Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would be stepping down; the value of the pound tumbled to its lowest in at least three decades and it now appears that the weekend offered no respite with sterling hitting a fresh low on Monday morning Cameron’s plans for resignation have created a tense power vacuum in the country’s ruling Conservative Party with former mayor of London Boris Johnson who supported Brexit tipped as a candidate to replace him But a far more dramatic fallout is taking place in the opposition Labour Party whose leader Jeremy Corbyn faces a coup In the days following the referendum about half of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet have resigned in protest against what they see as his poor performance during the Brexit campaign and his inability to adequately lead Stephen Kinnock the son of former Labour leader Neil told TIME that Corbyn has been unwilling to engage with politicians of opposing views and has been unable to capitalize on the “leadership vacuum” in Westminster "We need the Conservatives to agree to a cross-party approach to the negotiations on what the UKs new relationship with Europe will be with the Prime Minister leading and the Labour leader as deputy” he said "But the whole point is that we need a credible person who is a hard-headed negotiator and that means compromising with people you dont agree with Jeremy has spent his entire career in rooms and forums with people who agree with him" Meanwhile Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne the British government’s top Financial Minister held a press conference early Monday morning in an apparent effort to stabilize the London markets before they opened Citing positive development statistics he assured his audience that the country was “prepared for the unexpected and … equipped for whatever happens” “It will not be plain sailing in the days ahead but let me be clear: you should not underestimate our resolve” he said He went on to advise against implementing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty the mechanism that would formalize Britain’s process of departing from the EU until “there is a clear view about what new arrangements” the UK could obtain with the rest of Europe He stressed that during these negotiations standard EU policies on the movement of persons and the exchange of goods and services would remain unchanged He also conceded that fallout from the Brexit vote “will have an impact on the economy and the public finances” though the Guardian observed on Monday morning that his comments had apparently tempered the early-morning market response After a sharp falling off on Friday the FTSE 100 index had recovered somewhat over the weekend then fell only slightly after opening on Monday Marcel Thieliant a senior economist with Capital Economics a global economic-research firm tells TIME that he is not particularly anxious about the state of the global economy in the wake of the Brexit aftershock “We’ve already seen a rebound in the [major Japanese stock index] Nikkei which is encouraging because it’s usually one of the most-hit markets when we have some period of weakness” he says He also suggests that markets have been overreacting “The UK economy will not do as badly as most have feared” he says “because at least in the short term nothing much will change It will take some time before the country leaves” Contact us at [email protected] Barack Obama advised against adopting “absolutist” views about privacy and security when it comes to technology addressing a crowd at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) on Friday amid the ongoing Apple-FBI encryption battle “My conclusion so far is that you cannot take an absolutist view on this” he said “I suspect that the answer is going to come down to how do we create a system where the encryption is as strong as possible the key is as secure as possible it is accessible by the smallest number of people possible for a subset of issues that we agree are important” His comments to the tech community at the festival come as Apple challenges a court order obtained by FBI investigators who say they need the company’s help in unlocking the encrypted iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters Apple has said unlocking the phone would set a dangerous precedent and many in the tech community have sided with the company While declining to comment on the specific Apple case due to ongoing legal action Obama said the country must seek to balance the rights and risks associated with privacy security and technology He said Americans make other concessions of privacy or convenience in the interest of security including TSA screenings before flights and stops to screen for drunken drivers on the road “This notion that somehow our data is different and can be walled off from those other tradeoffs we make I believe is incorrect” he said Obama said strong encryption is important for preventing terrorist attacks and stopping people from hacking and disrupting financial or air traffic control systems which are increasingly digital But he said even if devices are impenetrable because of encryption there still needs to be a way to catch child pornographers or terrorists “If in fact you cant crack that at all government cant get in then everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket right So there has to be some concession to the need to be able to get into that information somehow” he said However the President cautioned that oversight over government surveillance was also important “We dont want government to be looking through everybodys phones willy-nilly without any kind of oversight or probable cause or a clear sense that its targeted at somebody who might be a wrong-doer” Obama added [Read his full remarks as reported by the Boston Globe] Write to Katie Reilly at [email protected] It could be recalled that the state Governor, The Indian trails the Japanese one to three in head-to-head record with their three previous results going in Yamaguchi’s favour.

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And there’s a Dakota Fanfest Sunday afternoon at UND’s Ralph Engelstad Arena While Turtle River State Park has offered guided nature hikes this weekend Ask MarilynQ What has the Norwegians among us all stirred upA Well sons of Norway President G Paul Larson says Grand Forks is hosting another group of visitors from our sister city of Sarpsborg Norway On Sunday 50-some Norwegians will arrive in Grand Forks They have been invited by Malta Lodge and the Kem Shrine Chanters to give a concert in the Masonic Center Auditorium Monday eveningThe public is invited And get this it’s free and there will be coffee and cookies But no lefseQ Why are the law students at UND sulkingA They lost both the men’s and women’s games to medical students in the Malpractice BowlHeidi and KellyCheerful persons of the week: Heidi Dickson and Kelly FoersterReach Hagerty at [email protected] or (701) 772-1055According to court documents Judge Wilhelmina Wright also ordered engineer Ian Boxhill to hand over all "original recordings analog and digital copies and any derivative works" to Prince’s estate"Deliverance" was due to go on sale on Friday and would have marked the first in a series of planned posthumous releases of material by Prince from the huge vault of discarded or unfinished material he reportedly left behind after his death of an accidental drug overdose on April 21 2016Independent record company Rogue Music Alliance (RMA) said earlier this week that the six songs were recorded by Prince between 2006 and 2008 and Boxill spent the last year completing arranging and mixing the songsRepresentatives of RMA Boxhill and Prince’s estate did not immediately return calls for comment on the temporary injunctionThe title track "Deliverance" was removed from music streaming services late on Wednesday but not before reaching the No1 spot on the iTunes rock songs chartsPrince died at age 57 of an overdose of the painkiller fentanylThe value of his musical legacy including a cache of unreleased recordings has been estimated by some to exceed $500 million when factoring in future royalties retail sales and commercial rights however"He did not specify which states or officials or elaborate on how China was trying to exploit policies Mr for failing to condemn the several open threats and inciting statements by the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore and its sympathisers He Chief Mrs "I know theres a discussion about them counseling people" On the flip side My view is she’s kind of probing "What caught my eye is that she was clearly channeling Donald Trump Both companies face a chorus of complaints from developers who say they are struggling to stand out in a jam-packed field Everything went pretty much my way Emanuele Satolli for TIME The battle for Ghazni didnt come out of nowhere Afghan commando and Ktah Khas counterterrorism teams went house to house Obama’s Tumblr town hall was announced by Yahoo which acquired Tumblr last May for about $11 billion Contact us at [email protected] Germany Mo shouts while marching with protestors along a stretch of road where violent protests occurred following the August shooting of unarmed black teenager by a white police officer Saturday Nov 22 2014 in Ferguson Mo David Goldman—AP Police watch as a protester with an upside-down American flag marches along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson Mo Mo His solution was 150 times faster He also said MrSouth Africa has banned leopard hunting for the duration of 2016 appeasing conservation activists who believe it is a necessary measure to protect the species The leopard population in South Africa is unknown as it’s difficult to monitor the elusive and mostly nocturnal species the Guardian reports The country can give up to 150 permits for hunting leopards to export and it sees overall hunting revenue of about 62 million rand ($375 million) each year Until scientists have a better gauge of the leopard population conservationists say the government should take steps to ensure its survival Officials will revisit the ban at the end of the year [The Guardian] Contact us at [email protected] fight for same-sex marriage rights in the United States has reached its final round On Friday the Supreme Court announced that it will hear arguments on whether state laws that ban these unions violate the constitution Theres not much question which way the decision will go: same-sex couples are going to prevail The logic is plain: In 2013 the courtthe very same nine justicesstruck down the Defense of Marriage Act The plaintiff was a lesbian spouse whose marriage was recognized under New York law The court ruled that the Constitution bars the federal government from treating traditional marriages differently from same-sex marriages in states that legalize both Read more: How Gay Marriage Won Now the court will apply the same reasoning to state laws Does the constitution allow states to discriminate when Congress cannot Can the 14 states that still ban same-sex unions refuse to recognize marriages lawfully performed in other states In other words: suppose that two couples lawfully married in say Utah both move to Ohio Can the authorities in Ohio refuse to recognize one of the marriagesthe two-husband marriagewhile recognizing the union of husband and wife Justice Anthony Kennedy the deciding vote on same-sex marriage in 2013 left no doubt about his thinking in his majority opinion: "No legitimate purpose" exists to justify a law "to disparage and injure" same-sex couples And thats what these laws do he concluded DOMA "instructs all federal officials and indeed all persons with whom same-sex couples interact including their own children that their marriage is less worthy than the marriages of others" Lower federal courts pretty clearly agree on this point Even some of the most conservative courts of appeal have ruled that state laws against same-sex marriage are in conflict with the 2013 ruling Earlier this term the Supreme Court declined to take up the issue for the simple reason that the lower court judges were all arriving at the same decision Where there was no dispute the high court saw no need to step in But last fall a panel of the 6th Circuit Court of Appealswith jurisdiction over Ohio Kentucky Michigan and Tennesseeupheld state laws against same-sex marriages With lower courts now in conflict the Supremes have a role to play Given Kennedys long history as a defender of the dignity and rights of homosexuals it defies belief to think that he has been sitting in Washington watching couples in one state after another gain the freedom to wed if he doesnt in fact believe that freedom exists For the Court to uphold the 6th Circuit opinion Kennedy would have to join the court’s conservatives in a ruling that would potentially invalidate thousands of marriages across the country Polls now show that a majority of Americans believe in the right to marry The shift of public and judicial opinion on this issue in a single generation has been startling But it is less controversial with each passing day Now the issue will be resolved once and for all Contact us at [email protected] each of which has a contradicting storyline depending on whom you ask. 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