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where relationships with us are very good and the process is moving along. Most commonly, ? The farmers have so much anger against the central government that they became a part of this agitation on their own", winning office in 2010 on a populist line of cutting government waste and improving public safety. as well as intelligence and targeting—?of the indigenous forcesRelatedSupreme CourtHow to Fix the Supreme Court Confirmation MessSupreme CourtHow to Fix the Supreme Court Confirmation MessSecond in syria the complex set of facts on the ground dictate a special-forces campaign but will ultimately require a political and diplomatic settlement We cannot kill our way to a broad victory in Syria and even taking Raqqa ISIS’s “capital” will require a complicated international military effort involving not only US-led-and-organized forces but also Sunni troops—Jordanian Egyptian and Saudi being the best—and Russian and Iranian military engagement We will need roughly 500 US and allied special forces and significant rotary-wing support which can stage from outside the country to deploy into SyriaThis military effort against Raqqa must be aligned with a political and diplomatic settlement that will resemble the end game in the Balkans in the mid-1990s That means a Russian seat at the table and voice in the outcome And yes we will probably need to put up with Syrian President Bashar Assad for some period of time as distasteful as that will be Our diplomats can help lead the effort but it will require an international consensus—and that will be elusiveThe third key element in defeating ISIS is to smother its sources of funding Cutting Raqqa off from its Iraqi colonies will help as will targeted special-forces raids against the economic engines of smuggling counterfeiting sale of antiquities and human trafficking Using the international financial system to ensure that no funds can flow into the caliphate will be helpful This will require both international and interagency cooperation and the US must lead this part of the effortFourth the war must be carried out online as well ISIS is effective at publicizing proselytizing recruiting fundraising and command and control on the Internet We need to use offensive cybertools to counter all of those efforts and the increasingly capable US Cyber Command action teams—essentially the SEALs of the web—should have a central role in this campaignfifth we must cut off the already diminishing flow of new recruits to ISIS This is the long game of education opportunity and employment for the disenfranchised and disillusioned Muslim populations all around the world but especially in Europe a major source of foreign fighters While there are preliminary indications that the flow of recruits is slowing down from the US and somewhat from Europe it is picking up from Africa and Southeast Asia Over time the US can be a part of a global effort to counter violent extremism but it will be a long road involving a more effective use of soft power and strategic communications than has been employed so farA final issue for the new President to consider after the fall of ISIS is the long-term future of Syria Much as the Balkans were partitioned in order to create stability the idea of dividing Syria into perhaps three entities should be on the table There would be an Alawite section along the seacoast and encompassing Damascus with Russian sponsorship; a Kurdish homeland carved out of Syria but not taking any Turkish or Iraqi territory; and a central and hopefully moderate Sunni section with Western sponsorship This is an outcome that won’t truly satisfy anyone but—as in the Balkans—it may be the best path to long-term peace in the Levant? ally inside the European Union than out. Michael Albans—AP James LankfordLankford has served as Representative for Oklahoma’s 5th District since 2011. according to Thompson. including hostage taking and attacks on oil and other infrastructure.

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