We take the opportunity to make money mid autumn ride three let you make a fortune

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, business opportunities are you ready to show up? So, the Mid Autumn Festival to buy what most money, look at the whole network Xiaobian summed up a few ideas to make money for the mid autumn festival!

, a calendar to seize the Mid Autumn Festival business reporter recently visited the market found listed earlier in the calendar before the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival to seize market opportunities.

two, the mid autumn moon cake concept ideas immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of cake business started to do party chapter in the moon cake body! Innovation to attract buyers! Here are some of the mid autumn moon cake concept idea! Hope to business


1, do have their own characteristics China Mid Autumn Festival moon cake, similar to the traditional culture with Chinese associated pattern 2, pet pet cakes: look at the bright moon, like family reunion, should also give them their own moon cake, moon cake, moon cake, dog cat bird cakes etc. no matter, is a senior animal or animal level, we are essentially animal, are animal, together to create a harmonious world.

4, twelve January two moon cake: cake, moon cake, bread, cake, March April May…… On new taste, eat moon cake every month.

5, Oliver: a family event, eating a piece of cake.

6, the moon cake: since a month, there is the moon, the moon what, what kind of moon cakes, moon cakes "terrain features, terrain features.

7, plant Green Tea cakes: moon cake, moon cake, moon cake, vanilla Kuding tea chrysanthemum cake etc..

8, the function of the fire of moon cake, moon cake: Runsang moon cake, moon cake, moon cakes and so on longevity diet.

9, the moon city: every city has its representative city style and temperament of the city "Beijing city moon cake, moon cake, moon cake, moon cake Hongkong Shanghai…… Choose, be safe and sound.

three, Supermarket Shopping Festival promotional ideas using festival features with the Mid Autumn Festival to supermarkets and shopping malls that attract popular promotional ideas.

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