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in my opinion, in fact, the entrepreneurial team is divided into South and north school, each of them have different development characteristics. If the use of martial arts standards, Shenzhen is the south, Beijing is the North sent. The difference between the north and the south is huge, if the number of people in Beijing will be multiplied by at least 10 times.

Southern pragmatic, northern retreat.

Southern grass root of entrepreneurship, the North sent rich handsome business

if you take the investment community north sent the standards of Li Qunlin, no one is. Long short, ugly in appearance, speak enunciation is not so clear. No academic qualifications and work experience. There is no entrepreneurial team, a light commander. Li Qunlin forthrightly his grassroots background, he said he is the grass-roots entrepreneurs, he did the people voted to raise public website is to serve the grassroots entrepreneurs. Most grassroots entrepreneurs financing is too difficult to find venture capital and angel investment, are a few months to touch a nose ash, a waste of time and energy. This is Li Qunlin, a financial industry has never done, did not invest, do all the resources to raise the site.

we voted since last September officially has been less than six months, the investment of more than 10 million, successfully helped finance 10 projects, the actual investment of more than 150 people. According to what I saw in his internal growth data, less than a year can be among the billion club. And in February of this year, the Commission to field research, after the completion of the Commission spokesman said the support of the development of public equity raised.

In the aftermath of

South service, North heavy speculation