Xiamen during the National Day held a cultural event

Xiamen, as a coastal city in China, has made great progress since the reform and opening up, the economy has made remarkable achievements, people’s spiritual and cultural life is also very rich. October 2nd to 6, sponsored by the Lake District People’s government’s 2016 cultural and creative industry and city renewal activities will be held in the week Lianfa gorgeous space, for the general public and tourists during the National Day holiday can provide a good place and the depth of experience of life aesthetics. Famous music artist Zhu Zheqin, vice president of the China Fashion Designers Association and other celebrities will attend the activities of the week activities in.

organizers, the week activities, including "life aesthetics and Folk Art Renaissance" forum, "old craft" life aesthetics exhibition, a large auditorium and colorful cultural creative tour four series of theme activities, the life aesthetics forum, folk art protection and inheritance and communication, and fashion art design exhibition share, to awaken people to city renewal, cultural creativity, aesthetics of life and the pursuit of attention, build to attract cultural and creative talent platform.

three the auditorium will be free and open to the public, the public can participate in. Organizers invited three from the two sides of the three cultural and creative experts to communicate with the life of the u.s.. Content covers the transformation of old industrial plant case, the text of the case to promote urban renewal, as well as share the concept of life aesthetics.

Chinese as a vast territory and abundant resources country, there are many cultural essence in life, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of every Chinese is the responsibility of the children. "Old craft" life aesthetics exhibition of the collection of traditional crafts exhibition five Fujian area, including pottery, wood, paint, New Year paintings puppet basket, bamboo and other national intangible cultural heritage creation form, and invited to the five folk arts and Crafts heritage exhibition creation process, and interact with the audience. In addition, MediaTek China and the United States will be jointly launched the space of the United States for the United States and the United States and the United States and the creation of a rich cultural tour activities, visitors can enjoy the slow life, the United States and the world cultural and creative journey.

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