Pork story


project is not the poverty, the project can make money is a good project. People without distinction, to achieve self value, are admirable. A Peking University by selling pork to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, get a different kind of wealth.

23, held in Guangdong in 2012, the top ten News Awards ceremony. One founder and founder of Guangdong earth food Limited by Share Ltd chairman Chen Sheng won the award. He shot one pig’s reputation to "graduate sell pork", established the first domestic "butcher school", store the growth rate in the leading position in Guangdong in 2012, one pig introduce venture capital, the valuation of 4 billion yuan.

. The "free market competition, good pork are inferior substitutes, dragons and fishes jumbled together." He said. In 2006, he did a lot of field research in Guangdong, the results show that Guangzhou pig pork accounted for only 1%, Zhanjiang accounted for 30%, the county accounted for 50%, while the township level is almost 100%.