Henan environmental protection industry has become a new industry

in the process of rapid economic development, our environment has been seriously damaged, for our human body caused a subtle influence. But the beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan, along with the green development concept deeply rooted in that fear of one-way thinking of environmental protection of economic development were abandoned and environmental protection has become the upgrading of traditional industries, environmental protection industry has become a new industry, and great potential, good momentum of rapid development.

9 month 26 days to 28 days, 2016 energy saving and environmental protection products of Central Plains Economic Zone Exhibition held in Zhengzhou, organized by the Henan provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association, attracted hundreds of units in more than and 10 countries and regions exhibitors, showcasing the latest achievements of energy saving and environmental protection technology, involving water pollution, air pollution treatment and disposal of solid wastes disposal.

new technology to bring new momentum, the reporter found at the scene, many of the province’s environmental protection enterprises to bring new technologies, refreshing, with good prospects for development and market potential.

"we are energy artist", this is my province engaged in the development and utilization of shallow geothermal energy saving technology company slogan ratttan. According to the company’s business staff Zhang Haojie introduced, with their patented technology, a 200 meter deep wells in a residential area, the installation of central air-conditioning heat energy, can make the temperature of the residents of the home in summer at about 24 DEG C, winter kept at about 20 DEG C, than the traditional air conditioning heating energy saving 40%~50%. At the same time, their "same well recharge technology" will not pollute the natural distribution of groundwater damage. At present, Anyang, Hebi, Puyang and other places have begun to use this patent.

big data technology is a hot technology in recent years, and now began to apply in environmental protection. A province of industrial water treatment of environmental protection enterprises, in recent years, the introduction of large data technology in environmental protection services. Business personnel of the company Du Xueqing said, through the water treatment program on the installation of sensor nodes, the black box to the real-time monitoring data, and then use the network connection with the cloud platform, on the realization of the environmental protection facilities of intelligent remote operation.

Hazardous waste, dust removal equipment, all smooth silver landfill power generation technology, environmentally friendly disposal technology in

Tianchen environmental protection material…… Some of the province’s environmental protection enterprises in the forefront of the industry.

Henan environmental protection industry has become a new industry? Rely on the support of new technologies, the majority of the people rely on the concept of environmental protection in place, so in the life of green development, as long as the determination to implement, everything is possible. At the same time, according to the provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association chairman Ma Fuli introduction, the current environmental protection enterprises in our province has nearly 2000, with the recent development of some of the company’s products and technology have been in the same industry recommended