What is the successful operation of fruit shop

fruit can add vitamins, home also often buy fruit, fruit business is also very good, is an industry worth considering, people love to eat fruit now, many entrepreneurs see the fruit market prospect is good, choose the fruit shop to open yourself, to help you succeed, management to succeed, what is the secret?

has 1 successful fruit shop business secret theme display

theme exhibition, is to create a scene in the stores, the theme and connotation of certain, so that customers have a sense of novelty, out of the ordinary, fruit join imperceptibly condemnation, so that consumers are more willing to enjoy the freedom of choice and let more vitality, fruit supermarket.

The specific division of the theme of

according to the actual situation of site, environment, season and to taste the best area and the most abundant nutrition; elderly and children; when the season and season; this week sales champion this week and the most affordable price area etc..

fruit shop business success have secret 2 fresh principles

fruit in the sales area before the exhibition, must carry out quality inspection, to ensure that all shelves of fruit in line with the standards of good quality, reflect the fruit of the "fresh" purpose. Join fruit once found rotten, deteriorated fruit, the first time to pick out, so as not to affect the sales.

has 3 successful fruit shop business secret plump principle

fruit to be plentiful, goods, play a role in attracting customers, goods prices flat, and resolutely put an end to shortage, less goods.

has 4 fruit shop success secret color collocation principle

fruits are rich in color, bright color, proper combination and display color collocation, can fully reflect the richness and variability of fruit, not only to the customer, good to hear or see the changing of freshness, and promotional display of fruit better, this is the skill of the fruit display. Such as: purple grapes, red apples, golden orange, green pear collocation together will produce a riot of colours color effect.

The successful operation of

has 5 fruit shop secret loss prevention principle

fruit must consider the characteristics of different items in the display, select the correct methods, display props, temperature, or due to improper display caused by the loss. Peach is afraid of pressure and easy to heat, so the display can not be stacked; Apple has effect on the ripening of bananas, kiwi fruit and other fruits together easily lead to excessive deterioration.

fruit display area must be proportional to turnover. If the ratio is too large, it is recommended