Ningbo share the economy so that the threshold of a little lower threshold

Ningbo in promoting the work of innovation and entrepreneurship, for entrepreneurs to provide a low threshold entrepreneurial platform to share the economy so that more people embark on the road to entrepreneurship and wealth, but also better promote the economic development of Ningbo.

b & B theme salon before the first day of the folk chips cafe coffee held out of thin air. The coffee out of thin air Ningbo entrepreneurs is committed to the community, to build a platform for entrepreneurial projects, docking, capital and resources to share and exchange. Founded more than two years to hold more than and 500 entrepreneurial activities, service projects and more than 2000 entrepreneurial teams to help nearly $16 venture financing projects. Out of thin air coffee has become a typical representative of the city economic share of new formats.


] hot words

sharing economy

promote new technologies, new industries, new formats to accelerate the growth of innovative institutional mechanisms to facilitate the sharing of economic development, the construction of sharing platform, and high technology industry, modern service industry and other emerging industrial clusters, build a new engine strong power. Support the sharing of economic development, improve the efficiency of resource use, so that more people involved in the rich.

— from Premier Li Keqiang made the government work report


mass reduced the threshold for Entrepreneurship

"before if a man does not have considerable strength, entrepreneurship is difficult. And now with the rapid innovation of public space and other entrepreneurial innovation and innovation, the threshold of public entrepreneurship significantly reduced." Ningbo City Innovation Management Service Center Director Lin Wei said, the public entrepreneurship, innovation is an important driving force, the share economy at the same time, sharing economy and for public entrepreneurship, innovation provides a lower threshold, more and more large space platform.