Zhou Xiaoguang with sweat for great wealth

Zhou Xiaoguang, a rural girl, for food and clothing to go on the road of independent entrepreneurs, unexpectedly, eventually became the jewelry industry build up the family fortunes, a new star, a real queen jewelry industry.

6 the results of the world, Zhou Xiaoguang earned 20 thousand yuan. Ten years tried to return to a pot of gold in 1985, ran the Sanjiang six pier Zhou Xiaoguang married Yu Yunxin of Dongyang who sell embroidery. After marriage, the two took out all their savings in the first generation of Yiwu commodity market to buy a booth. Zhou Xiaoguang with a woman’s sensitivity and beauty of nature, the choice of operating jewelry. Then, he went to Guangdong to purchase, she Liantan in Yiwu. A few years later, they bought a new house in Yiwu the best residential district in downtown Chaoyangmen, bought the store, the eye of Zhou Xiaoguang proved very accurate, not long after, Chaoyangmen became the center of Yiwu’s prime commercial area.
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