What are the three steps of entrepreneurship golden steps

said this business, no less than to work easily, want to find a really suitable for their outstanding projects, will be through continuous efforts and to find, if you are looking for a project, then you know what the three step step gold business?

especially is chairman of a large business building and general manager of the net worth of the assets, according to conservative estimates have been 10 million huge, how he was successful? Recently, the author with this seemingly simple but complex was an interview with Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin was also not taboo, talked about his entrepreneurial "gold three steps", and message to readers: in fact, you follow to do, can be successful!

two, to survive, after the development of

"at that time I specialize in the fashion business, also want to send big money, do not want to send big money to blame. But after accounting, monthly rent, staff wages, business tax and other aspects of spending at least 10000 yuan, I think, as long as you can not lose, even if it is to earn a monthly 1000 yuan, to survive, after the development, just give me time, I will make it. Then I finally really successful, my fashion stores engage in a family, economy of scale can bring economies of scale, in fact, is to earn a lot of money.

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